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SM PASS Program

Members get exclusive offers, rewards and even early access to new products.

What is SM PASS?

The SM PASS Loyalty Program is a 4-tiered loyalty and rewards program. There is no purchase, payment or credit card required to sign up for, join or participate in the basic Tier One of the Program. Members in the basic Tier One have the option to ad

Does it cost to join?

No! Joining is free and you can access current rewards as soon as you sign up.

Who can join SM PASS?

All legal residents of the United States or District of Columbia who are at least eighteen (18) years of age or older are eligible to join SM PASS.

How do I become a SM PASS member?

Do you already have a Steve Madden account? If yes, you’re already a member!! All you need to do is simply log into your account here. Don’t have an account with us yet? That’s okay - create one here and provide us with your email address, first name

What are the benefits of joining?

SM PASS Members will benefit from receiving a welcome discount, exclusive shipping offers, early access to online sale events, an exclusive birthday discount if they share their birthday with us, early access to new products, and the chance to win ex

How do I earn stars?

Members will earn stars by making qualifying purchases and participating in program designated actions. Each action has different star values for completion. Stars can be earned for creating an account, placing your third order, sharing with us your

Can I earn stars for purchases I made prior to joining SM PASS?

SM PASS stars only start accruing once you join the program.

Where do I track my stars and progress?

You can track your progress by logging into your SM PASS account here.

How do I know if my stars have been added to my account?

Your stars will be added to your account once your order has shipped. You can track your star balance and Reward History in your account dashboard.

Why don’t I see my stars in my account?

If after 24 hours your stars aren’t visible in your account, don’t worry! Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you.

If I return my items, do I lose my stars?

Because you earn stars for dollars spent, you will lose stars for every dollar refunded. If you return for an exchange, your stars will remain.

Do stars expire?

Your stars will expire on a rolling 12 month period. For example: you earned 50 stars on April 1, 2022. Your 50 stars will expire on March 31, 2023.

Can I redeem my stars?

Stars earn you additional perks. Your perks will be emailed (i.e. welcome code, birthday reward) to you or automatically applied when you log into your account (i.e. free shipping). Stars have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for any cash val

What are the program tiers and how do I change tiers?

SM PASS is a four tiered program for members. The more stars you earn will upgrade your tier status. SM INSIDER is Tier 1 and is for any member with 0-200 stars. SM VIP is Tier 2 and is for members with 201-599 stars. SM SUPERSTAR is Tier 3 and is fo

Can I lose my current tier status?

Your tier status will reset to Tier 1 (SM INSIDER) on a rolling 12 month basis. For example: if you signed up for the program on April 1, 2022 and were in Tier 1, and over the course of the next several months you earned enough stars to reach Tier 3;

Where can I get full details on the SM PASS program?

Visit the SM PASS page to learn more about our program and click here for the program terms and conditions.

Can I end my SM PASS membership?

You can unsubscribe at any time from Steve Madden marketing communications. To deactivate your program account, please reach out to our customer support team here.

I have questions!

We’re happy to assist you. Contact our customer service team via email at [email protected], Live Chat or by telephone at 1-888-526-2881, seven (7) days a week, between the hours of 9:00 AM through 10:00 PM Eastern Time.